Looking after our clients

Our approach with clients is extremely transparent, and we pride ourselves on our quality communication, in depth technical knowledge of the energy industry and the fact that when faced with a challenge we never give up! All our recruiters are specialists in their field and have the necessary diligence and maturity to understand technical scopes and independently deliver talent solutions.

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The first of our core services is the provision of technical specialists on a contract basis to an engaged group of clients in the energy sector. These individuals are commonly referred to as contractors, consultants or freelancers. This service is widely accepted and utilised within our industry but can be complicated if not handled by specialists.

Companies using our services to engage with their contingent workforce will find that they have an enhanced access to technical skills that match perfectly with their requirements. The contractors will have all the necessary contract administration taken care of for them at the beginning of the assignment – allowing them to focus on delivering a high-quality service. Our support team is on hand throughout their assignment to keep in touch with the contractor and proactively handle any queries.

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The second core service is again provision of technical specialists to our clients, but in this scenario the individual would be supplied on a permanent basis and employed directly by the client. Whilst this a different style of recruitment our recruiters are “masters of their craft” and are therefore qualified to provide both services.

We work on a heavily engaged basis with our clients where we challenge them to ensure that their job descriptions and recruitment processes are correctly defined before a search is instigated; it is then about taking the opportunity and the brand out into the market and creating a shortlist of interesting and motivated profiles. We support all parties through the recruitment process to ensure a smooth conclusion and a hassle free start-up.

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Tailored Talent Projects

We also work with our clients to build innovative solutions for particular challenges, for example the hiring of a project team or the building of a new department. Quite often this would entail a blend of both contract and permanent recruitment and could involve aspects such as an onsite talent specialist and agreed project milestones or payroll outsourcing.

We have seen particular success when clients use the same agency for one of their teams as a high performing agency can be another factor in binding the team together and encouraging collaboration.

Working with us
We welcome enquiries from prospective clients, please leave your details below and our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.