Looking after our candidates

With our candidates we are looking to build long term relationships that will see us support you with more than one career move. By keeping you updated on new projects and opportunities we can create a succession plan that will minimise your downtime between jobs. We challenge our clients to improve their recruitment processes leading to a better candidate experience and increased probability of a positive outcome.

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Candidate Care

We very much respect our clients but we understand that our contractors are also our customers and therefore treat them with equal respect. Here’s how we take care of them:

  • CV and career advice
  • Introductions to tax accountants and umbrella companies
  • Organised and efficient onboarding procedure
  • Visa and mobilisation assistance
  • Flexible payroll schedule
  • Payroll guarantee
  • Regular communication. Phone, email and F2F
  • End of assignment close out and new job search

We strongly believe that if we take good care of the contract administration this will allow the contractor to work more effectively and ultimately add more value to our client’s organisation and projects.